Payroll Giving is a simple, efficient and flexible scheme, which allows you to donate to any UK registered charity of your choice by a direct deduction from your wage. All donations given in this way are tax effective so the charity receives your donation and the tax you would have paid on this amount.

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Seafarers Awareness Week Since 2010 Seafarers UK has coordinated and promoted an annual Seafarers Awareness Week. Every year we choose a fresh theme for Seafarers Awareness Week. In 2019 Seafarers UK will be focusing on raising awareness of the UK’s commercial fishing industry, especially the skippers and crews of fishing vessels of all sizes, from under-10m beach-launched boats, to the huge pelagic trawlers operating out of major ports such as Peterhead and Plymouth. Seafarers UK has already called upon Government to ensure that fishermen’s lives are as well protected as the fish they catch. This plea followed in the wake of a major research project – commissioned by Seafarers UK – that focused on a diverse selection of the UK ports and harbours, culminating in the publication of a free 48-page Fishing for a Future report.

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Benefits for an individual charity:

  • Regular, reliable unrestricted income stream, which allows a charity to plan ahead and budget for the future
  • Low administration costs as the PGAs transfer the donations to the charity’s bank account and supply donor information at a nominal cost. Some employers cover this cost.
  • Charity receives total donation including tax without having to reclaim tax at a later date.
  • Many employers choose to match their employees gifts, some even double-match their contributions
  • When Payroll Giving is included as part of a company’s CSR or CCI initiative, such as Charity of the Year, Payroll Giving can provide a legacy of giving which continues long after the original partnership has ended.